Our Strategy

The strategy of the Company is focused on delivering a material acquisition in natural resources production or near production assets with the objective of providing the Company’s shareholders with access to a low risk and, over time, diversified portfolio which can offer a dividend stream as well as offering development potential for capital growth. The Directors are looking to create a diversified portfolio of assets that is mindful of the maturity of asset developments, life of income stream and the potential for growth, and a number of opportunities have been evaluated and developed.


The Directors believe that attractive opportunities currently exist to acquire interests in producing resource assets which are profitable and have future development potential. In addition to the decreased costs at which interests in assets can be acquired in the current climate, new entrant advantages include ongoing reductions in project costs along with, in many cases, the benefits of significant historically incurred costs, existing infrastructure and technical understanding. Revenue generation from some of these assets can be either immediate or imminent.


The Company intends to focus on identifying acquisition opportunities which are, in the opinion of the Directors, underperforming, undeveloped and/or currently undervalued, and where the Directors believe that their expertise and experience, in conjunction with that of the incumbent management, can be deployed to facilitate growth and unlock inherent value.

Path Investments Strategy