Kabwe Lead, Zinc & Vanadium Project (Zambia)

  • Targeting the recovery of lead, zinc and vanadium from surface assets at Kabwe located in Zambia
  • 6.4 million tonnes (3.2 millionJORC compliant) surface material containing an estimated 356 843 tonnes of zinc and 351 386 tonnes of lead
  • Jubilee formed joint venture company with BMR Group PLC to execute the project
  • Jubilee holds 29% of BMR Group PLC
  • Jubilee will farm into 40% position with preferential loan repayment – GBP3.1 million
  • Jubilee appointed as operator of project
  • Due to commence construction of recovery plant in May 2018 over a 5 month period
  • Profit offers strong earnings potential targeting the production of lead, zinc and vanadium

Vanadium Mining