Hernic Platinum Project (South Africa)

  • Hernic Ferrochrome Proprietary Limited (“Hernic”) the world’s 4th largest integrated ferrochrome producer
  • Estimated 3.2 million tonnes of platinum rich material at surface (as measured July 2016)
  • Further material being added by Hernic of up to 17 000 tonnes per month of platinum rich material
  • Jubilee appointed as exclusive partner to recover the Platinum Group Metals from the chrome tailings and platinum rich surface material
  • Profit share model only after Jubilee reaches a 30% return on project capital
  • Jubilee constructed and fully commissioned the largest platinum from chrome tailings recovery plant in South Africa in March 2017
  • Platinum and chrome recovery plant (design 55 000 tonnes per month throughput capable of recovering 2 500 oz of 4E Platinum Group Metals per month)
  • One of the lowest Platinum Group Metals production cost in industry (below US$400/ oz, operating margin in excess of 40%)
  • Delivering significant positive earnings since July 2017

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Hernic Operations